Pierre AmoudryPierre Amoudry was born on the 3rd of december 1980, in Annecy (France).

He’s an illustrator and paintor freelance, from Le Grand-Bornand (the Northerm Alps in France) and he lives currently in Barcelona. He works in the collective artist studio with the artist MVIN.

– Graduate of the Emile Cohl school in Lyon in 2005 (specialising in illustration and comics), Pierre set out on a one year journey with two musicians (Arnaud Astruc and Benjamin Fournier-Bidoz).
He created drawings, paintings and comics of his travels in 2006 and 2007 all across East European and West African roads.
The website (see was awarded prizes by the Travel Book’s Biannual in Clermont-Ferrand (France) in 2006 and by the Festival of Internet Creations in Romans (France) in 2007. Since « Terre de Notes », Pierre travels each year to make different sketch books, the five last ones being Argentina, Cuba, Madrid, Tokyo and Brazil.

– Since 2008 and in addition to his work as illustrator, Pierre has been directing the artistic creations of collectively painted murals with the company “Melting Paint” (see