Illustrator from Le Grand-Bornand in the French Alps, Pierre Amoudry has been traveling with a travel book in hand for more than 20 years. 

After studying in Lyon, in 2006 he began a year-long travel book, traveling the roads of Eastern Europe and West Africa during the “Terre de Notes” project, awarded in Clermont- Ferrand (travel book appointment). 

Alongside his numerous projects (Frescoes, Caricatures, etc.), the sketchbook remains a regular exercise, in all situations and all conditions; on a boat or in crowded places, as much as in the snowed Alps or in Africa at 40 degrees. 

An all-terrain and all-format painter, he uses huge travel books to paint his panoramas and collects caricatures of those around him in tiny “face” books… Originality: that’s what we expect from an unformatted illustrator!